artist’s statement and bio

February 2013

The living world around us interests me—domestic animals, wild beasts, human bodies, plants of all kinds. My work begins with a photographic image, a record of what is in front of me. I then alter and transform the image through drawing, digital manipulations, ink washes, and color into something that is touched by my hand and yet still carries shadows of its photographic origins. What I try to find through merging the mechanical and the handmade is an image that feels alive, one that might touch people, quiet the chatter in their heads for a bit, and provide a point for connection to what is in front of them and to what is around them.



Nancy Diessner’s artwork emerges from her background in painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and digital image manipulation. Incorporating all these media, her photopolymer intaglio prints explore the mysterious and complex connection between humans and animals, at the same time expressing our human longing for and isolation from the “other.” Dedicated to safer printmaking, she created two low-toxicity college printmaking studios during her 17 year college teaching career, and now runs a public printmaking studio, Dog’s Eye Print Studio, in Framingham, MA, where she also makes photopolymer plates for artists.